Happy music for happy people!

Left to right:  John Remy, Greg Anderson, Jim Feuling


Introductory note for 2016:

Hi, Folks-


           As you will see by the schedule dates, things have changed quite a bit for me, along with the band.

           Family health issues and medical appointments seem to rule the order of things now, so I welcome the “free time” to attend matters in their order of importance.  It's been said that everything happens for a reason.  I'm still working on that idea.

           We're looking forward to playing for you at the New Glarus Hotel on the week-end of June 3rd/4th.  We intend to be in Lena at Beach's every once in a while, and wherever else a booking might take us.  Just drop in to our web-site and check for any updates.

           One date I would appreciate, if you would keep it in mind: Sunday, June 12th.

Remember some of the picnics we used to have some years back?  Well, we've decided

that it's been too long since everyone got together like that, and just had fun talking and being together.  You provide what you want to eat and drink, the Greg Anderson Band will provide the music, and we'll all share in the fun and fellowship of “The Circle”.

           In case you were interested, I've listed the area nursing and retirement homes that Barb ('Lemon Pledge') and I will be entertaining at on our schedule.  Those folks also really seem to enjoy the same kind of music they remember listening and dancing to over the years, and we're glad to bring some smiles back to their faces with a memory or two.

           Thanks for your patronage over the years, and please take note that the Greg Anderson Band is not “done” yet.  We're just currently experiencing a needed 'slow-down'.     


The Greg Anderson Band has been performing for more than 40 years, but has never lost the spirit that “live” music brings to any occasion.  With a repertoire of more than 700 songs, ’GAB’ can add that special touch to your event, all the while keeping your intentions and planning in mind.

With Greg on accordian, Jim Feuling of Oregon on 5 horns (3 saxes, flute, and clarinet), and Belleville’s John Remy on drums, all members of the group contribute to vocals and harmonies.  For that ethnic or “old-time” appearance, there are more than 30 yodel-songs that GAB does, as well.

Anyone who listens to the Greg Anderson Band for just a short time is amazed at the group’s variety.  From Cajun to Big Band, along with standards, and 50’s through 70’s rock, GAB likes to “stop on a dime” and give you a hop-waltz or some of the other polkas — besides “Roll Out the Barrel.”

The Greg Anderson Band wants to thank their many fans & followers over the last 4 decades for all the miles and smiles, and sincerely looks forward to working with you in the future.  We are “Happy Music for Happy People.”

The Greg Anderson Band

W5518 Hill Lane

Monroe, WI  53566


To contact us:

Phone: 608-325-4232

E-mail: polka@tds.net

Text Box: Greg Anderson Band

Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

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