SLP 2nd Annual
Camaro SS and Firehawk Weekend

June 15th - 16th, 2001
Milan (Ann Arbor), Michigan

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Dale Rice left Kansas on Thursday, June 14th and stopped at the Hampton Inn
in Tinley Park, IL (a south Chicago suburb).  Rudy and Chris and Angie and
Connie and I met at the Cracker Barrel in Janesville, WI at 6:30 Friday morning.
Then we sprinted down to Tinley Park and met up with Dale's group -- that had
grown from 2 to about 12.

We headed for Ann Arbor, leaving Tinley Park about 10:40 am.  We made a
stop just past Gary, IN to pick up a few more.

Needing driving practice, we asked Rudy to take us on a lap around the track,
but he forgot his car!!

Then it started raining, a real frog strangler, and Dale said, hey let's take this
15-car convoy off the interstate and head for the cow paths (a real Wisconsin
thing to do for a Kansas boy) where we won't be able to see worth jack, but at
least the roads will be narrow and almost impassable.  So off we went!!

Actually, it wasn't as bad as it looks.  IT WAS WORSE!!

Hard to believe, but after a Friday of truly ugly weather, Saturday dawned to bright
sun and 80 degree temperatures.  The car gods were smiling on SLP.  But,
I know, you want to see my car.  Here's 2KFHAWK, and Rudy's 2001 Sunset Orange
Metallic Formula Firehawk in the background.  So is Connie!

 There were show cars, and race cars.  Everybody got to run their cars on the Milan
dragstrip if they wanted.  Hardly anybody could beat the track utility truck, though.
Here's a photo of a corvette trying to catch the truck, but he just couldn't seem to
hook up!!

When the day was done, it was Frank Ellias's pinstriped 'hawk that won the
"fan's favorite firehawk" trophy.  Well, done, Frank!

On Sunday morning, three us headed for home and had a great ride!  Here's Chris, Angie,
and Rudy at our last pit stop.  Rudy had trouble breaking into the 13's at the track, with
traction problems.  Chris, however, managed at 13.8 106mph with his 2000 SS.  Sweet
machine.  See you all next year!!

One more, for Rudy's scrapbook.  :)