The Fiddlers have retired.

As of 2018, this group is no longer performing.

Old Time

2002 Group photo
at Stoughton Opera
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The Southern Wisconsin Old Time Fiddlers' Association plays "old time" music.

Popular "old time" music tunes include Golden Slippers, Westphalia Waltz, Red Wing, Raggedy Ann, the Last Fiddler's Waltz, and an occasional Turkey in the Straw. Two-steps, schottisches, and waltzes prevail.

Banjo, guitars, other fiddlers, accordion, and a standup bass back up a lead fiddler. This is dance music and sometimes it goes on for hours. A typical performance, though, is an hour or two.

There are about 30 members in the association plus family and friends. You can see from the schedule (link above), we're pretty busy! :)